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Our Cyclone Warning Services

The Seychelles Meteorological Authority's Cyclone Warning Services deliver critical, real-time information to safeguard the community during the cyclone season. These services include timely warnings and updates on cyclone development, movement, and expected impact. The detailed analyses aid in emergency planning, operational decision-making for businesses, and community preparedness. With a focus on accuracy and prompt dissemination, the services empower users to make informed decisions regarding safety measures, resource allocation, and protective actions, minimizing the cyclone's potential impact on life and property.

What we do
Current Storm and Cyclone Bulletin

The SMA current storm and cyclone bulletin provides real-time updates and detailed analyses to help you understand the present weather threats and their potential impacts. Stay informed with the latest developments on current storms and cyclones.

Cyclone Warning Bulletin

Our Cyclone Warning Bulletin offers essential information, including projected paths, intensity, and safety precautions, to ensure you are fully prepared for any cyclonic activity. Receive timely and critical warnings regarding upcoming cyclones.

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