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The Seychelles Meteorological Authority provides Aeronautical Services, delivering accurate weather forecasts and critical safety information tailored specifically for the aviation sector. These services are essential for ensuring safe and efficient flight operations, helping pilots and airlines navigate the unique weather conditions of the Seychelles' skies with utmost confidence and reliability.

What we do

The aviation team at the Seychelles Meteorological Authority issues Meteorological Aerodrome Reports (METARs) every hour, providing vital weather observations crucial for aviation safety. Our METARs deliver comprehensive details on temperature, wind speed and direction, visibility, and cloud cover, facilitating informed decisions for pilots and enhancing airport operations across Seychelles.


SMA offers Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs), providing advanced weather predictions crucial for flight planning and airport operations. Issued every six hours, our TAFs cover detailed forecasts on wind, visibility, and cloud formations, aiding pilots and aviation professionals in making strategic decisions for safe and efficient flights within and around Seychelles.

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Strategic Plan of SMA 2024-2028

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