Our Partners

Partner with us to improve climate services delivery in the Seychelles

Partner with us for innovative weather and climate solutions

Collaborate with the Seychelles Meteorological Authority to make a real impact on weather and climate resilience. Our partnership opportunities are designed for organizations and individuals passionate about innovation, sustainability, and community safety. By joining forces, we can leverage cutting-edge research, technology, and knowledge-sharing to tackle climate challenges head-on. Together, let's advance our understanding of the environment and develop solutions that protect and benefit our communities and the planet.

Promise to our partners

As a partner with SMA, you'll become part of a dedicated community focused on:

Collaboration and Transparency: Engage in a partnership based on open communication and mutual respect.

Access to Data: Provide the latest meteorological insights and data for informed decision-making.

Expert Guidance: Offer expert advice and innovative tools tailored to meet our common goals.

Resource Support: Equip our partners with the resources needed for impactful weather and climate resilience efforts.

Your Role as a Partner:

Amplify Efforts: Use your expertise and networks to broaden the impact of our initiatives.

Innovate Solutions: Contribute to the development of innovative approaches to meteorological services and climate resilience.

Project Implementation: Collaborate on the efficient execution and management of joint projects.

Knowledge Sharing: Engage in the exchange of information and best practices to overcome challenges together.

Celebrate Successes: Share in the achievements and advancements made towards our shared mission of safeguarding and enhancing community well-being.