Seychelles Meteorological Authority (SMA)

The central office of the Seychelles Meteorological Authority (SMA) is based at the Seychelles International Airport on Mahé. The SMA has outstations on other parts of the Mahé, on other inner islands and on the outer islands. This entity is charged with providing weather and climate services including various products to the nation. It consists of a team of dedicated individuals who daily continue the tradition of service above self. Over recent years, their collective focus has been on delivering necessary products and services while completing the myriad of activities associated with the NMS modernization and restructuring.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

“To strive to provide quality meteorlogical services needed to safeguard life and property; to support national development and to meet our local and international obligations”

Our Vision

“To be the recognized national meteorological authority delivering dynamic and innovative services supporting sustainable development”

Our Organisational Structure

To fulfill its diverse mandates, the Seychelles Meteorological Authority is structured around Directorates, tasked with overseeing the primary missions and themes of the organization, and a territorial network designed to define key orientations while accommodating the local perspective. This setup ensures comprehensive weather and climate services across the Seychelles, catering to both national and regional needs.

The chart presents a detailed framework designed to support the Seychelles Meteorological Authority's objective of providing precise weather services and research to ensure the safety and well-being of navigation and the community.

Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement

SMA is committed to provide regular, timely and accurate meteorological services and products in order to satisfy our customers' needs and expectations through continual improvement of our processes and capabilities

SMA Functions

Provision of weather Forecasts and warnings

Implement national climate programmes

Provide meteorological services to other socio-economic sectors

Carry out disaster prevention and mitigation activities