Redeployment of Seychelles MKIII Wave Rider Marine Buoy

09 May, 2024 News


Exciting news from the shores of Mahe Island, Seychelles!

On the bright morning of May 9, 2024, at 11:30 a.m. local time, an upgraded marvel emerged onto the azure waves: the Solar Panel Wave Rider Buoy.

This buoy isn't just any marine equipment; it's a vital tool in the Seychelles' efforts for real-time ocean observation and monitoring, crucial for marine meteorological services. Partnering with the esteemed Regional Indian National Centre for Ocean Information (INCOIS), the Seychelles Meteorological Authority (SMA) proudly redeployed this technological wonder near Fregate Island, marking a significant step forward in our marine endeavours.

Back in August 2019, this buoy underwent a transformative journey of maintenance and part replacements. Among the enhancements, a gleaming solar panel was installed, accompanied by a recalibration of its sensors, promising even more accurate data collection. However, unforeseen obstacles delayed its redeployment—until now.

With hearts full of gratitude, SMA extends its sincere thanks to the local heroes who joined hands in this triumphant endeavour. The Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA), Seychelles Coast Guard, and Seychelles Petroleum Agency (SEYPEC) played integral roles in the successful redeployment of the MKIII Wave Rider Buoy. Together, we've made waves in advancing marine science and observing our precious seas.

With precision and purpose, the buoy now stands anchored at its designated spot near Fregate Island, mirroring its previous deployment. As it resumes its vigilant watch over the ocean's rhythms, it symbolizes our steadfast commitment to understanding and protecting our marine realm.

Together, let's chart a course towards further discoveries and advancements, as we navigate the seas of knowledge and stewardship hand in hand.